Warren Ave. Missionary Bapt. Church

1042-44 E. Warren Ave. Detroit, Michigan 48207 Rev. Bernard Smith, Pastor         (313) 831-5990 Church E-mail - warrenave@live.com      Facebook - Warren Avenue

Morning Worship - 10:45am  Every Sunday


Sunday 9 & 11am
Wednesday 7pm

Welcome to Our Church

Bible Class & Prayer Meeting

Let us not forget that every Wednesday at 5:00pm is our Bible Class. Come out and join us as we study the word of God together. 

Rev. Bernard Smith, Pastor

Services, Rehearsals & Meetings

1st Sunday - Communion, Right Hand Of Fellowship, Baby Dedication

4th Sunday - Baptism

Male Chorus Rehearsals - Monday's at 7:00pm & Saturday's at 3:00pm

Bible Class - Wednesday's at 5:00pm  Voices of Warren Ave. Choir Rehearsal at 6:00pm

Teacher's Meeting - Saturday's at 1:00pm

Missionary Meetings - Every 4th Saturday of each month

Joint Board Meetings - Every 4th Saturday of each month (Or when designated)

Bus/Transportation Ministry

If you are in need of a ride to and from church, please contact Bro.Gary Hunt at 313-831-5990.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010 will be celebrating our 73rd Church Anniversary


The basic concept of the Sunday School is to provide an organization to carry out some fundamental ministry tasks on behalf of the church. These include Bible study, ministry, outreach, and fellowship, all of which can be accomplished more effectively and more personally in a small-group setting, rather than in the larger congregation. Our Sunday School is organized to meet life needs of all age groups, babies through senior adults, in settings and using learning methods appropriate for each developmental level.

The most obvious point is that Bible study is central to the growth of an individual Christian. We take the Biblical revelation as inspired and normative, so that our approach is not to argue over relevancy or implications--we assume the truth of the Bible and head for the application to current living.

While personal, private Bible study is invaluable for Christian growth, participation in a group which studies the Scriptures in a systematic way, with learning guided by trained teachers, in a small group setting which can serve as a support and accountability group is what Sunday School is all about.

Sunday School is a lay movement, with volunteer workers serving in every area of the organization. Funding comes from the unified church budget, subscribed by tithes and offerings of the church members. The church is responsible for enlisting, training, and encouraging the faculty, and for providing the curriculum materials, supplies, and adequate space and learning environment for each class.

The organization of the Sunday School provides an assigned class for every individual. This same organization provides an ideal foundation for reaching prospective members for the Sunday School and for the church. A class provided with a list of prospects can put its Christian teaching into practical application as they pray for, contact, minister to, and visit the prospects with a view toward enlisting their participation in and eventually becoming a part of the class.

The objectives of the Sunday School must be derived from the objectives of the church. In my view, these are clearly defined by the Great Commission: "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19-20). This passage is summarizes the New Testament teachings of the purpose of the church.

The Sunday School is the entire body of the church, including members, non-members, children, and adults, administratively organized with definite responsibilities for teaching, outreach, ministry, and fellowship. Thus the Sunday School is simply the church organized to carry out the Great Commission.

As such, the Sunday School is directly responsible to the church (by whatever polity the church operates) to accomplish these goals. At the highest level, the objectives are:

"teach all nations" outreach and education
"baptizing them" outreach and evangelism
"teach them to observe" education and application

From another perspective, the objectives of the Sunday School are to provide a comprehensive organization with assigned responsibility to reach all prospects for the church; engage members in regular, meaningful, relevant Bible study; equip the organization with resources and leadership for effective ministry, and lead members to salvation and development in their Christian life.






Are you new here at Warren Avenue? We would like to welcome all our new members and current members to Warren Avenue Online. We look forward to you praising, studying, and worshiping with us every Sunday. Our motto here is:"When Praises Go Up! Blessings Come Down!"


Phase One of Church Renovation Pics

Finished wall on Rivard side of the church

Finished wall on Rivard side of the church


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73rd Church Anniversary

On Sunday, August 15, 2010 the WAMBC will be celebrating it's 73rd Church Anniversary. We have been preaching and teaching on this corner for 73 years and God has truly been good to us. All are invited to attend and help us celebrate.

Vacation Bible School

August 17th-20th the WAMBC will be having its Vacation Bible School. Christian Learning, Classes for all ages, Art & Crafts, Games, Food & so much more! Registration is Monday, August 16th. Come out and enjoy a week of fun and learning. See you there!