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The basic concept of the Sunday School is to provide an organization to carry out some fundamental ministry tasks on behalf of the church. These include Bible study, ministry, outreach, and fellowship, all of which can be accomplished more effectively and more personally in a small-group setting, rather than in the larger congregation. Our Sunday School is organized to meet life needs of all age groups, babies through senior adults, in settings and using learning methods appropriate for each developmental level.

The most obvious point is that Bible study is central to the growth of an individual Christian. We take the Biblical revelation as inspired and normative, so that our approach is not to argue over relevancy or implications--we assume the truth of the Bible and head for the application to current living.

While personal, private Bible study is invaluable for Christian growth, participation in a group which studies the Scriptures in a systematic way, with learning guided by trained teachers, in a small group setting which can serve as a support and accountability group is what Sunday School is all about.

Sunday School is a lay movement, with volunteer workers serving in every area of the organization. Funding comes from the unified church budget, subscribed by tithes and offerings of the church members. The church is responsible for enlisting, training, and encouraging the faculty, and for providing the curriculum materials, supplies, and adequate space and learning environment for each class.

The organization of the Sunday School provides an assigned class for every individual. This same organization provides an ideal foundation for reaching prospective members for the Sunday School and for the church. A class provided with a list of prospects can put its Christian teaching into practical application as they pray for, contact, minister to, and visit the prospects with a view toward enlisting their participation in and eventually becoming a part of the class.

The objectives of the Sunday School must be derived from the objectives of the church. In my view, these are clearly defined by the Great Commission: "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:19-20). This passage is summarizes the New Testament teachings of the purpose of the church.

The Sunday School is the entire body of the church, including members, non-members, children, and adults, administratively organized with definite responsibilities for teaching, outreach, ministry, and fellowship. Thus the Sunday School is simply the church organized to carry out the Great Commission.

As such, the Sunday School is directly responsible to the church (by whatever polity the church operates) to accomplish these goals. At the highest level, the objectives are:

"teach all nations" outreach and education
"baptizing them" outreach and evangelism
"teach them to observe" education and application

From another perspective, the objectives of the Sunday School are to provide a comprehensive organization with assigned responsibility to reach all prospects for the church; engage members in regular, meaningful, relevant Bible study; equip the organization with resources and leadership for effective ministry, and lead members to salvation and development in their Christian life.






Sunday School News

As we begin another Sunday School year it is with great hope we keep continuing to spread the word of God. During these times everyone needs to draw closer to God and seek his face. Our Sunday School is continuing to grow and we want everyone to be apart of it. We have a good time each Sunday as we teach God's word and fellowship together in Christian Love. See Ya There!


Waymon Richardson, General Superintendent

Missionary Ministry

What Is Missionary Service?

If you were to ask a group of people what missionary service was, it might be surprising how many different answers would be received. Essentially though, it encompasses all the areas of ministry available to Christians for the furtherance of God's plan for the
salvation of mankind.

Essence of True Ministry

Everything that has life, lives to contribute to the life of other things. In nature we see how the waters of a river contribute their life-giving properties to the trees and flowers along it's banks, and we enjoy the blessings that result from their gift. True ministry for God is comparatively the same. Ministry is the freewill offering of our God-given talents and blessings to help people, whenever, and wherever, possible.Please note though, that ministry is not just a "part" of missionary work. It covers every aspect of life and service. Once this is understood, it isn't difficult to comprehend that whatever is done with ministry in mind is something of great value for God, for our fellowman, and for ourselves as well.

Why Values Should Be Considered

You might ask: " Why do we need to consider the value of missionary work? Doesn't everyone know that such work is important?" To answer clearly: No, everyone may not understand. To explain this better there is an experience told about two ladies who were talking together one day. One said:"...And my son is going to be a neurosurgeon... what about yours?" The other replied: "...Well...uh, yes... mine is going to be a...missionary..." For the first son there was expressed a great hope for success in the field of medicine; but for the other, there was almost an apology made. There are people who sometimes feel a little embarassed speaking about relatives who have decided to build a career in God's workplace. But there's no need to feel this way.

If a low estimate is placed upon something, there is a tendency not to appreciate and support it as much as things considered of great value. Some people have expressed an attitude that seems to imply:"If you can't do anything else, you can always become a
missionary". Most people try to encourage their relatives and friends to make good career choices. To be a doctor, government representative, or executive in business (careers that usually bring prestige and a solid economic security), have often been encouraged more than trying to help them prepare for religious services.

This Work Is Work!

Missionary work is a worthy vocation, and needs to be elevated to its rightful position in the world: a place of dignity and respect. In reality, true missionary service is not as easy as it may at first appear. Quality time and effort should be invested to train responsible people for this important work. Psalm 36:9 says: For with thee is the fountain of life in thy light shall we see light. Wouldn't it be great to view the value of missionary services from God's perspective? It is no secret that some people have tried to enter God's workforce with the thought that what they were about to do was going to be easy. On the surface, watching ministers speak in the pulpit, sharing the Gospel while visiting in someone's home, or distributing Christ-centered literature in local neighborhoods, for some doesn't appear strenuous or difficult. But things viewed from this surface level, don't always reveal what is underneath. Missionary work is sometimes a difficult work; but it's also a great blessing too.

Benefits From Missionary Service

You remember it was said near the beginning of this article that true missionary work is ministry, and that ministry means the free offering of our talents and blessings to others to assist and prepare them for life. With these things in mind it isn't too difficult to see really how everyone can benefit in some way from such efforts. The reason we are considering benefits here is because in God's work it may seem at times to a dedicated missionary worker that people don't seem to be responding as well as was hoped for; or that there are too many who seem not to care about what is being done to help them, and maybe the time spent for missionary work could be better invested in another vocation.

Let's take a moment to consider what the Lord through His servant Paul, the Apostle, said:Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. I Corinthians 15:58. If you want to be successful in God's service always remember this! Even if no one offers you a word of encouragement, Jesus is keeping track of all that you do for Him. Before we close let's review the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20:All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Jesus will bestow blessings and benefits that far outweigh all the effort that's being expended. And nothing is lost when its carried out in love for Him.

Deacon's Ministry

A deacon is a official in the Christian church. The exact definition of a deacon varies, depending on which branch of Christianity is under discussion. In some cases, a deacon is a member of the clergy, who has undergone religious training and been ordained. In other instances, a deacon is a member of the lay public who wishes to assist his or her church. The job descriptions and role of a deacon vary widely, although the diaconate is generally viewed as a group which assists the church and serves the community.


Trustee's Ministry

The Trustee Ministry manages the material possessions and oversees the financial matters of the church with spiritual sensitivity. The church's physical property, financial obligations and all other assets are the responsibility of the Trustee Ministry. Trustees enable the execution of God’s mission through stewardship and individual spiritual gifts. Acting as one body, the Trustees provide direction, leadership, facilities, processes, capability and capacity to help further God’s word.

Deaconess, Mother's Board, & Nurses Guild


The Pastor and congregation are served and supported by the Deaconess Ministry, which aids the Deacon Ministry in performing its mission. Ministry responsibilities include serving the congregation’s needs and promoting family unity through joining the Deacon Ministry in visitations, assisting with baptismal ceremonies, communion service and new member activities. The ministry is also actively involved in the programs and events of other church ministries.

Mother's Board

What is a mother of a church? The dictionary says: a female parent, head of a religious community. Being a mother of the church consists of mentoring the young women, participating in and supporting the church service, making a commitment to call and visit the sick and infirmed, encourage the saints, and supporting Acts' families during times of bereavement.

Nurses Guild

To aid the Pastor and care for the people in the church and in the spirit.



Usher's Ministry

The Usher Ministry serves as the church doorkeepers to ensure that worshippers feel welcome and assist the Pastor by maintaining reverence and order so members and visitors may receive the message. Ushers combine a warm welcome with a pleasant smile as they direct and seat worshippers. The Usher Ministry, comprised of three groups, includes both women and men: Seniors (over 35), Young Adults (18 to 35) and Juniors (17 and younger). Ushers attend conferences and participate as committee members and/or officers in district, state, and national associations to grow spiritually and remain proficient. The ministry offers fellowship with other sisters and brothers in Christ and an opportunity to serve God in His House.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, provides encouragement to believers in their walk with Christ and leads the congregation in worship and praise. Ministry participants are blessed through the sharing of their musical gifts and are an integral part of the worship experience.

Dance & Praise Ministry

Praise dancing is now being accepted by the Christian community as a means of worshiping the Lord. In ancient times dancing had been an integral part of worship. Exodus 15:20 records how Miriam and others danced for joy to celebrate their deliverance by the mighty Hand of God. The Hebrew Scriptures mentions numerous times when dancing was used to express one’s thankfulness to the Lord. Besides the term ‘dance’ other Hebrew words usually translated as ‘rejoice’, ‘joyful’ and even ‘tremble’ convey meanings to spin or circle around with a vigorous and enthusiastic expression of joy.

Sojourner Charity Club, Club 100 & Administrative Club

Outreach Ministry

The purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to spread God's love, through His Plan of Salvation, to the community. Training is provided to equip and send disciples of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of this church to the Hedges and Highways to spread God’s love and Word. This ministry also supplies Greeters to warmly welcome all who attend our Worship Services, including providing visitors with a variety of information. The Outreach Ministry also sponsors the Share Food Program, which allows participants to purchase groceries at a reduced cost in exchange for a minimal investment of community service.

Planning & Development Ministry

The purpose of the planning and development ministry is to over see new church development and create a 5 year plan too grow the church both spiritually and physically.

Media & Public Relations Minsitries

The church currently has three ways for its membership and community to be up to date on whats happening here at Warren Avenue. We have our church website, Facebook (Warren Avenue), and our News Insider Newsletter. We offer both electronic as well as paper back material for the church and community too see.


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Vacation Bible School




Sunday School Information

Sunday Assembly - 9:15am  -  Matthew's Center

Class Period - 9:35am-10:30 am

E-mail -

Phone Number - (313) 831-5990

Teacher's Meeting - Saturday's



Sunday Sch. Admin.

Waymon Richardson, General Superintendent

Wilma Rimson, Asst. General Superintendent

Freddie Lindsay, Council President

Thelma Fyfe, General Secretary

Velma Kendrick, Assistant General Secretary

Teaching Staff

Adult Class #3 - Freddie Lindsay & Wilma Rimson

Adult Class #7 - Rev. Albert Richardson & Rev. William Thomas

Adult Class #9 - Artina Moses

Children -N/A

Youth - N/A

Young Adults - N/A

New Members - N/A